National Eye Health Week – vision really does matter

This week is National Health Week.

Did you know that children up to the age of 16 years old (and those under 19 years old in full time education) are entitled to a free eye test? Go along to a high street opticians offering eye tests for children. It is recommended that children have regular eye test at least every 2 years.

It is equally important for adults to have their eyes regularly checked, and some high street opticians also offer free eye tests, so keep an eye out!

Regular check-ups are important as they can help detect issues relating to other health problems.

While children should have regular eye tests as they grow up, it’s still important to look out for the signs of any problems and seek professional advice.  The NHS state that are some signs that could indicate that there is a possible eye problem:

  • Eyes not pointing in the same direction
  • Complaining of headaches or eye strain
  • Problems reading – for example, they may need to hold books close to their face and they may lose their place regularly
  • Problems with hand-eye co-ordination – for example, they may struggle to play ball games
  • Being unusually clumsy
  • Regularly rubbing their eyes

Please go to the NHS website for more information

If you have concerns relating to you or your families’ eye health, please speak to your GP, health visitor or optician.