Our values and principles

Our values guide and determine our actions. Each value is a challenge that we seek to live and work to every day and the way we communicate within communities and with each other.

The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity provides high quality childcare and promotes learning and development across all activities through the following main values and principles.


Keeping children safe is our most important priority

Keeping all the children in our care safe is the most important thing that we do all the time, every day. All of our staff are trained to keep our children safe from harm.

The voice of the child is central to everything we do so they are listened to and taken seriously if they raise any concerns to our staff. We have stringent systems in place to ensure all staff are suitable, appropriately vetted, well qualified and have a good knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We believe that play is the best way to promote learning and development in the early years

Children are skilled learners; through play they can test out ideas, experiment, draw conclusions, learn from mistakes, make choices and decisions. They can also compare themselves to others and start to develop a sense of their own identity.


Children are central to everything we do and we believe that responsive caregiving helps every child to reach their full potential

We pay close attention to a child’s signals and cues; by getting to know their interests and responding to the different ways they communicate helps to build neural connections and healthy brain architecture and development.


We celebrate diversity

We offer a culture and environment of inclusion for children, parents, carers and our employees and volunteers. Social, economic and health inequalities are affecting children from conception right across their lifespan.


We aim to give each child the best possible start

Research increasingly demonstrates how inequalities can be a predictor of how well children will achieve academically, they can affect the physical architecture of the brain and can increase the likelihood of poor health and lower life expectancy.

Our charity exists to challenge and help tackle the impact of inequalities from birth and in the first few years of life.


Our partnerships with parents are essential

Parents and carers are a child’s first and most important educators. By working in partnership with parents, childcare practitioners can provide the best quality learning experience for children. Starting with the child and the context of their home environment; practitioners can learn about children’s interests and skills and continue the child’s learning journey into the preschool setting.

Equally, by sharing the child’s experiences in the setting, parents can extend learning opportunities at home. This partnership relationship is crucial to providing the best quality care and helping children to reach their full potential.


We respond to the needs of our community and value reflective practice

We regularly review our services and reflect on our practice. We look for new ways to engage and support children that is evidence informed. We are adaptable and committed to doing the very best we can.


The Early Years Foundation Stage sets the standards for learning and development.  It is a principle we live by and is intrinsic to everything we do  

The EYFS is a statutory framework supporting children from birth.  Our charity has robust processes for observing, planning, assessing, tracking and reporting on learning for young children and their families.