Returning to Work After Children

Returning to work or getting a new job can be daunting. It takes time, careful planning, bravery, self-motivation and can be very hard work.  Here are our top tips:

1)  Think about what you want to do
You may already know what job you will go back to, but priorities can change when you have children and many parents use this time to try something new. Do you want to work full or part time? Do you mind travelling or do you want to work locally? Think about the job you would really like to do and how you want to spend your working day. Employment advisors are on hand to help, see the Children and Family Centre timetable for session times.

2)  Volunteering
Boost your confidence and get the skills you need through volunteering. Find an opportunity in the role you are interested in or spend some time with organisations you’d like to work for. This will give you up-to-date experience for your CV and an opportunity to see if you like your chosen role or organisation. The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity has opportunities across Waltham Forest, speak to staff in any of our sessions, or you can find useful information here

3)  Plan your childcare arrangement
There are a range of childcare options including childminders, day care and pre-schools. Recommendations and Ofsted inspection reports can be a good source of information, but settings are all different and you need to consider how they will meet the needs of your child and family. The best advice is to visit different settings, speak to the people who will care for your child and trust your instincts. Consider the environment and how this will support your child’s development, the interaction between the staff and children, opening times, location, flexibility and cost. For more information including details about free childcare visit

Need help finding a job?
Come to the Children and Family Centre Work Club

What it is?
The Work Club can support parents with training or work opportunities and can also help with:
•  Writing a CV/completing an application form
•  Preparing for an interview
•  The latest vacancies information
•  Linking with employers
•  Support with finding childcare

Who will be there?
Different agencies can give parents immediate support and advice on childcare and benefit calculations.

How to get referred?
Simply call your local Children and Family Centre to book an appointment, see our timetable which includes dates and times for Work Club.