Staff awards 2018

Help us recognise staff, other individuals & organisations who have made life better for others

Our staff awards ceremony will be taking place on Friday 21 September. So watch this space for who the fantastic winners will be!

The awards recognise staff, volunteers and students for their outstanding contribution to The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity.  The award categories include:

Volunteer of the Year

The successful candidate will have consistently supported the Charity through regular volunteering.  Their work will have made a positive impact on the Charity’s ability to provide services to children and their families.

Newcomer of the Year

This award will recognise the outstanding efforts and contribution of someone new to the team.  This could be a student, volunteer, partner organisation or employee.

Play Champion

We believe that play is the best way to support learning and development in the early years. This award recognises the skills and capabilities of practitioners in promoting children ‘s learning through play.

The Heart and Soul

This special award will go to the most cheerful, inspirational and uplifting member of our team; someone who supports their peers, takes a positive approach to their work and has the ability to spread cheer around the team.

Outstanding Community Partner

The Charity’s work focuses on the local community and this category is in recognition of an outstanding project or activity that supports local people.

The Parent Champion

Our partnerships with parents are essential. This partnership relationship is crucial to providing the best quality care and helping children to reach their full potential. This award recognises the skills, qualities and commitment of an employee to working in partnership with parents.

Fundraiser of the Year

This award will go to a volunteer, employee or local business whose main work does not involve fundraising.  This category aims to highlight a special achievement or contribution of a committed supporter of The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity.

The Extra Yard Award

The successful nominee will be conscientious and will take a very serious approach to their standard of work, consistently doing more than is required.

The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity Outstanding Achievement Award 2018

This award recognises those employees who have been recognised for outstanding performance whilst upholding the charities values and principles.