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The aim of our Wellbeing Service

We know that parents and carers' own wellbeing often comes lower down their list of priorities when they are putting their children's needs first.  Many don't even realise that they have their own wellbeing needs.


A parent's wellbeing and that of the wider family is the foundation for a child's healthy development. With this in mind; we offer a range of services that have wellbeing support at their core.

Wellbeing Services

Early Years Social Prescribing

Promoting good health and wellbeing for children and families.


Our early years social prescribing team works with families to connect them to community services that meet their practical, health and wellbeing needs. 

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Father and Daughter

Fathers Wellbeing Service 

This service aims to provide support for fathers surrouding their emotional wellbeing by providing two diferent types of support; 1:1 and group sessions.

Flourish - Post-natal Support

Improving the maternal mental health in safe, group spaces where mothers can talk about how they feel, be less isolated and get support.


How can you access our wellbeing support?

  • We accept both self-referrals and professional referrals via our online 'Help Request' form using the button below.

  • Flourish referrals must vbe made by a health professional and include an EPDS score to be accepted.

  • See more details for each group on their deicated pages.

If you any questions or would like more information please contact our wellbeing co-ordinator.

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