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Our amazing green adventure space where children and families can learn about nature, take managed risks and have lots of fun!

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"If you love the sound of bees and birds and faraway planes over your head as you play and explore, and love the smell of the rain on wet stones, and the feel of sun on your back as you paint wood and examine bugs close up - Grow Wild is the place for you.

We try to be a mirror to the community we have in Waltham Forest. Our goal is to increase children's physical abilities by getting them used to risks and challenges whilst also providing a safe space for all families to explore nature, ecology and outdoor arts & crafts."

Chris Rowley, Grow Wild Manager

Grow Wild for our community

Our parents, volunteers and staff talk about the importance of Grow Wild in the community and how our adventure play space can help break down barriers. 


Parties and group visits

A Grow Wild party is a fantastic experience for young adventurers!


2 hours of fun for up to 40 children hosted by a member of our team to help you make the most of the space. We also take bookings for schools, pre-schools and community groups.

We work with you to plan sessions to meet the specific needs of the children attending. It's a great use of Pupil Premium.


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