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Fathers' Wellbeing Service

The aim of our service

We aim to support local fathers in learning new ways to enhance their mental health, raise overall levels of well-being and improve their wider family dynamics.


Feedback we have gathered from fathers so far indicates that our support has contributed to their "growth as parents" and promotes "stronger family relationships".

Who is it for?

Sessions are available to expectant fathers or those with children under the age of 2 years living in Waltham Forest.

What can we offer?

We provide confidential 1:1 counselling as well as in-person and online group sessions where fathers can establish meaningful connections and learn from one another.   

1:1 Counselling

Our services offer personalized and targeted support for fathers in our 1:1 counseling sessions.
Various aspects of wellbeing are explored including emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and how these  impact their lives.
Additionally, we provide strategies to reframe thinking patterns and manage stress responses.

Fathers Support Group


This group is designed for fathers seeking connections with peers and a space to learn from shared experiences.
Participants can learn to enhance their relationships with their children and, in father's own words, strive to “become better fathers".

How to access our support

  • We accept both self-referrals and professional referrals via our online 'Help Request' form using the button below.

  • On receving this one of our team will contact you for an initial assessment.

  • You decide on some goals that you'd like to achieve.

  • We'll help you achieve these through group sessions and/or 1:1 counselling.

  • When you feel as though you've achieved your goals we'll review your progress with you.

If you any questions or would like more information please contact our wellbeing co-ordinator.

Working in partnership with
London Borough of Waltham Forest's

Family Hubs

Delivered by
The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity

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Fathers Welling_edited.jpg
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