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SEND Childcare

1:1 Individualised SEND Support

We recognise all children are different and we aim to support all children individually to achieve the best possible outcomes for them as individuals through providing inclusive practice and removing barriers to learning.

Childcare Pathways (2yrs+)

All children entering our nursery (at 2 or 3 years) are assessed to establish their learning and developmental needs.  This way we can work with parents at the earliest possible stage to meet thier child's needs.

Parents for whose children need additional support, or are identified with SEND, create a support plan with us using SMART steps.  This outlines agreed outcomes for them to achieve with their child.

We use the 'Graduated Approach' of Assess-Plan-Do-Review to ensure children receive the right support as their needs change and develop.

The Graduated Approach


Clear analysis of a child's needs, drawing on parents knowledge and practioner assessments.


Parents work with us to create a support plan, all staff who work with their should be made aware of their needs, any defined outcomes, the support received and any learning strategies.


The support plan is put in place and started.


Feedback on the implementation of the plan and the child’s outcomes is carried out with parents.

Deaf support 

Our teams are always striving to make our nursereries more inclusive and accessible for local children.  Through co-producing a weekly drop-in with parents, carers, 'Flourish Special Education Service' and our team, we began to get feedback that there was a concerning lack of early education and care services for local deaf children.

We decided to address this and in September 2023, we employed a BSL practitioner and have introduced a BSL friendly childcare provision at The Lloyd Park Centre.

Our team and children have worked hard to use BSL and learn about the deaf community and culture. Children that had not experienced nursery life before and have begun to really excel in personal, social and emotional, and physical development as well as have demonstring higher levels of confidence and resilience.


We work in partnership with parents and LBWF to request the appropriate funding, enabling us to provide support that works for your child.

Examples of funding:

SENIF  - SEN Inclusion Fund 
EHCP  - Education, Health & Care Plan 
DAF      - Disability Access Fund

Find information on Waltham Forest council's ' The Hub' website

DLA      - Disability Living Allowance

Find information on the governement's website ''

Signposting and onward referrals

Where a child needs further support, we work in partnership with parents to navigate their options.  This may be as simple as signposting them to either our own internal offers, or to external SEND services that can offer more information. 


We can also refer to appropriate professional services where we agree with parents that their child needs more specialist support.

Transition to school support  

We work with local schools wherever possible to support as smooth and happy a transition to school for your child.

  • Summer term schools allocation support

  • School observations such as interests, learning needs and styles, friendhsips and behaviours

  • School visits

  • Working with school SENCOs and SENDIASS where appropriate

  • Sharing of child information

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