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Your donations go a really long way!

We spend every penny donated wisely, stretching every £1 for local children.

Help us 

fight poverty!

Poverty puts more and more families under extreme pressure every day.


We help to overcome this with the right support for families, at the right time.

Your donations help make all of our work supporting marginalised and disadvantaged children and families more sustainable.

Baby Bank is one of our key lifeline services that relies on grants and your donations to survive. Regular day to day costs include:

Venue Rental




Cot Mattresses




Please note: Unless otherwise stated your donations contribute to our unrestricted funds which we use to make all of our charitable community activities more sustainable. 

Where we specify that your donations will support a particlualr campaign or cause they would become restricted funding that can only be used for that purpose.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows us to claim an additional 25% of the value of your donation from the HMRC. 

It won't cost you a penny but means your donation can go even further!

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