Baby Bank

We need your help

Our baby bank supports families in Waltham Forest who need extra help. With the cost of raising a child increasing every year, we are lending a hand but we need your support to ensure every baby can thrive.

How we help

We distribute baby essentials to families in need in the local community. The Baby Bank provides necessities like clothing, food and toiletries for newborns to five-year-olds (and in some cases older children), through referrals from social care, health professionals and other support agencies.

Since launching in 2014 by parent Paula Vacarey, we have helped over 330 families but there are still so many more that need our help.

Get involved

Are you able to put an extra item into your shopping basket to support local families in need? There is on-going demand for essential baby supplies in our area – including nappies, wipes, food, books, toys, pushchairs and furniture.

If you would like to donate, please drop off new or unmarked, second-hand supplies please contact us for a drop off point or call 020 8527 1737.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us organise the supplies at the Baby Bank, so they can be available to the families who need them most.

Help us make a difference.

To volunteer, or to refer a family who needs help, you can contact us at


Make a Donation of Money

You can make a one-off donation online from here. You can also donate in person at any of our Centres.

How Your Money Can Help

£5 could buy 44 nappies for a newborn baby

£10 could buy a mattress for a cot

£15 could buy a starter pack of baby wipes, nappies, food and clothes for a family in need

£20 could buy a stairgate to provide safety for the whole family

£25 could buy a Moses basket helping a baby sleep safely at night

£50 could buy a high chair for safe and comfortable dining

£75 could buy a cot for a baby ensuring a good night’s sleep