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Co-Production Collaborative for East London

Building on our community's 'living experiences'

we find new ways to meet the needs of local children and families.

CoCo East's Mission
Turning talk into actions!

Our aim is to create safe spaces for local people to be heard, connect to others and makes positive changes together.

Our online meetings are open to anyone interested in supporting our mission.  They are led by parent/carers and are attended by other parent/carers, local charities, community groups, advocacy groups and service providers.

It's not just about the meetings!

Yes, we want our community to be heard and make new connections, but we also want to turn the talk into actions


Everytime parents and carers feel empowered enough to design and deliver activities for themselves we know we're heading in the right direction!

Projects designed and led by CoCo East parent/carers

  • Somewhere to Belong Dad’s Group

  • SEND & Siblings 

  • LGBTQ+ Grow Wild Sessions 

  • Language Support Group 

  • Mindfulness

  • Young Parents Group 

  • Autism & Disability Parent Support 

  • Yoga sessions

  • Ready for school


Current weekly activities 

SEND Parents
Support Group

Peer support group for parents of children with autism and those waiting for a diagnosis

CoCo East 
Family Session

For families of children under 4yrs with living challenges in wellbeing and mental health

& Play

Delivered by Flourish 
for deaf children under 5yrs and their families

Get involved! 

2024 Online meetings

June 6th - Maternal Mental Health

Links to activities highlighted in the meeting

July 18th, 11am

Sept 19th, 11am
Mental Health & Wellbeing

Nov 7th, 11am 
Domestic Violence and
Violence Against Women and Girls

Meetings are usually held at 11am via Microsoft Teams or Zoom

  • Join our informal meetings or ask us a question

  • Let us hear about ideas for activitives or collaborations

Lizzie's story

During the pandemic, Lizzie felt isolated and frustrated with the lack of opportunities for children to play and socialise together, particularlly children who were due to start school.

What is CoCo East?

A few of our members talk about our work and ethos and using our services

Co-production best practice

  • Be welcoming and caring

  • Value and include

  • Communicate well

  • Work in partnership

  • Build trust

Coco East Pledge

Members have agreed a set of values and ways of working together.
Here's are a few of the things we acknowledge in our pledge:

  • No one knows everything

  • No one assumes a position of power or expertise

  • We respect members' experiences and journeys

  • Service users lead on finding solutions

  • Time is given for learning and priorities to emerge

  • CoCo East is driven by people, not targets or plans

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