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Tell us about your 'living experiences' and comment on what would make life better for your family.


We hear you!

All of our amazing work to empower 
children and families to thrive is only made possible
by donations and grant funding.

Our success in bidding for longer term grants relies heavily on us evidencing how well we:

  • Listen to you, our community, when you tell us what your needs are


  • Learn from your feedback and whether that is reflected in the services we propose to offer

Here's where you come in!

We'd love to hear about your 'living experiences' and thoughts on what would make life in Waltham Forest better for your family.

To make this easy we created our very simple, snappy, mini feedback form for you, just click on the green button below to share your views.

There are only a few mutliple choice questions and then one larger space for you to type as much as you want. 

It's really short, honest!

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