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Early Years
Social Prescribing

Promoting good health and wellbeing for children and families

What is social prescribing?

Our early years social prescribing team works with families to connect them to community services that meet their practical, health and wellbeing needs.


Who is it for?

Families with children under 5yrs needing help to tackle a range of issues that might include:

  • Mild or long term mental health issues (not in crisis)

  • Social Isolation

  • Becoming new parents

  • Frequently attend primary healthcare provision

  • Barriers to accessing local services


Things we can help with:

  • Children's Development and SEND

  • Being Healthy

  • Isolation and Loneliness

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing (not in crisis)

  • Trauma and Adversity

How is it delivered?

Our early years social prescribing is a 12 weeks programme of 1:1 holistic support

What to expect:

  • Health professional and self-referrals made

  • Initial contact with family - joint action plan is created

  • Support to deliver action plan involves homes visits, phone check-ins and accessing community provision

  • Parents given opportunities to create new needs-led activities in our settings

  • 3 month review with families to assess outcomes

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