Grow Wild

Grow Wild is our state-of-the-art, natural adventure playground built specially for climbing, sliding, hopping, jumping and exploring.
Open for regular weekday and weekend drop-in sessions, Grow Wild can also be hired for private parties.

Get Outside!

Nestled in an enclosed area behind The Lloyd Park Centre, Grow Wild is an opportunity for children aged 12 and under to learn about our natural environment, take managed risks and have fun too.

Tunnel slides, water play, rope bridges, insect houses, and natural musical instruments are just some of the features we have in our Grow Wild space. Come and play.

"If you love the sound of bees and birds and faraway planes over your head as you play and explore, and love the smell of the rain on wet stones, and the feel of sun on your back as you paint wood and examine bugs close up - Grow Wild is a place for you."

Chris Rowley, Grow Wild Manager

For Hire

Grow Wild is the ideal spot to host a birthday party or celebration.

It is available to hire from two-hour sessions upwards, and prices start from £300.

We require a 50% deposit of £150 to secure the space.

The area is staffed by experienced outdoor play facilitator Chris Rowley.

Your party size (adults and children) per event should be discussed with Chris.

You can bring your own food and drink, subject to restrictions.

We can supply music or you can supply your own.

We will work to cater to your / your child’s specifications.

Community and School Groups
Grow Wild welcomes local community and school groups for outdoor play sessions.

If you would like to learn more about how children in your care can benefit from adventurous play then please do get in touch.

Pop-up Sessions

From time to time we hold pop up sessions for everyone if we have availability on Saturdays.  So give us a call late Friday afternoon 020 8521 9522 or keep a look out for posters on the wall outside Grow Wild.

For more information on all our sessions at Grow Wild including Dad’s Club, pop ups, family Saturdays and sessions for children with SEND and to check availability to hire Grow Wild, contact Grow Wild manager Chris Rowley on 020 8531 9522 or


Ten children from Hillyfield Academy’s Autism Spectrum Provision have been attending monthly play sessions at Grow Wild since last year.

“The trips have proved extremely popular with the children and have been invaluable opportunities to support their development in a range of critical skills.”

James Semple, Hillyfield Autism Spectrum Provision